Salty straw

Salty straw


The taste of appetizing, crispy salty straw is remembered by many since childhood. After all, at the time of deficits, most children only dreamed of practically inaccessible chocolate candies and other sweet products, which today's modern generation of babies has already satiated. Salty straw is a fairly simple product, which is made on the basis of wheat flour with the addition of fat components, eggs, food rumble and some other additives. Undoubtedly, salt salt is included in the salty straw, since otherwise it would have had such a pleasant, salty taste. To use salted straw can be not only as an excellent snack or as a pleasant addition to weak alcoholic beverages (for beer, for example), but also to use it as one of the ingredients when cooking some dishes.

Composition: 1 grade wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, kitchen salt, pressed baking yeast.

packed - 100 g, 34 package in a corrugated carton
packed - 100 g, 41 package in a corrugated carton
Weight - 1,0 kg in a corrugated carton

Shelf life - 6 months